Guidance notes


Please Note: Your application must be submitted before the closing date.

Each step of the application process has a separate 'Help' page with information about how to fill in that section..

Secondary school application

Children born between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007 can apply for a place in a secondary school for the school year beginning September 2018.

If your child's date of birth falls outside of the age ranges stated above and you need to make an application, please contact your home Local Authority, their details can be found on the Local Authority details.

Step 1 - Start new application

New child
Select the 'Start a new application for a child that is not listed below' button

Existing child
Select the 'Start new application' button below the child's name. This button will only be available for children whose date of birth falls within an a relevant age range.

Step 2 - Add child details

Enter the details requested about the child you are making the application for on the 'Child details' page and select the 'Save and continue'' button.

Step 3 - Add your school preferences

Select and add the school(s) you wish to apply for, making sure you put them in order of your preference.

When you have chosen the schools you want to apply for, select the 'Next' button.

This system allows you to apply for any maintained schools, free schools and academies in the 33 London Authorities, Surrey County Council and their neighbouring Authorities.